Bryan Daniel Executive Director
Mary York Deputy Director
Tamara Andrew Executive Assistant
Jordann Jezek Administrative Assistant

Office of Business Development

Pam Coleman Program Coordinator

Department of Strategic Business Development

Tad Curtis Project Coordinator
Lindsay Smith Project Coordinator
Maricruz Bergman Project Coordinator
Andrew Harris Business Development Specialist
Lindsay Beran Marketing Specialist
Nicole Flores Marketing Specialist
Adrienne Downey External Affairs Coordinator
Larry McManus Community Relations Supervisor – Panhandle/West Texas
Betty Russo Community Relations Specialist – East Texas/Gulf Coast
Lindsay Dennis Community Relations Specialist – South-Midwest Texas
Janie Havel Community Relations Specialist – North/Northwest Texas
Leticia Flores Community Relations Specialist – Lower South Texas

Department of Business Assistance

Michael Treyger Business Assistance Manager 
Vacant Small Business Advocate
Sonia Gaillard Business Assistance Specialist - Permit Office
Vacant Business Assistance Specialist
Aisa Showery Business Assistance Specialist
Joe Magruder Business Assistance Specialist
Phillip Rocha Business Assistance Specialist
James Chen International Business & Trade Specialist
Shirley Temple International Business & Trade Specialist
José Ramón Fernández Director, State of Texas Mexico Office

Department of Research & Economic Analysis

Terry Zrubek Director
Jeri Ernst Research Specialist
Michael Bernardo Research Specialist
Debra Bravo-Gomez GIS Specialist

Office of Economic Development Finance

Nicole Ryf Director
Gene Cervenka Sr. Economic Development Finance Specialist
Zach Scott Economic Development Finance Specialist
Shane Saum Economic Development Finance Specialist
Whitney Smith-Nelson Economic Development Finance Specialist
Sydni Pierce Economic Development Finance Specialist
Baber Haider Economic Development Finance Specialist

Texas Military Preparedness Commission

Keith Graf Director
Alexandra Taylor Program Manager

Texas Tourism

Brad Smyth Director
Tim Fennell Deputy Director
Nate Gieryn Tourism Research Manager
Cole Hubbard Tourism Research Coordinator
Oliver Yang Marketing Specialist - Asia
Debra Bustos Marketing Specialist - North America
Tommy Woods Marketing Specialist - Europe
Morgan Taylor Marketing Specialist - Latin America
Ronnie Ramirez Marketing Communications Specialist
April Bear Advertising Coordinator
Monica Rodriguez Advertising Specialist
Javier Renteria Operations Manager

The Texas Workforce Investment Council

Lee Rector Director
Raul Ortiz Deputy Director
Denise Curtis Administrative Assistant
Kaki Leyens Program Specialist
Kristin McEntyre Planner
Laura Pittman Planner
Mary LaRue Office Manager
Royce Wu Research Specialist
David Mass Research Specialist
Anne Dorsey Program Administrator
Leslie McCormick Editor

Texas Film Commission

Heather Page Director
Katie Kelly Office Manager
Lindsey Ashley Senior Production Consultant
Kim LeBlanc  Production & Community Relations Specialist
Ali Stintzi  Production Consultant
Stephanie Whallon Incentive Program Manager
Michelle Habecker Production Incentives Specialist
Tara Khanna Production Incentives Specialist
Jo Lammert Animation & Video Game Liaison
Minh Vu Senior Marketing Coordinator
Taylor Hertsenberg Marketing Coordinator

Texas Music Office

Brendon Anthony Director
Marc Fort Publications Coordination
Stephan L. Ray Office Manager