Energy Sector in Texas

The #1 State for Energy Production

From wind to oil to natural gas, Texas leads the nation in producing energy as it pursues renewable sources.

Texas has dominated the energy sector since the discovery of the Spindletop Oilfield in 1901, growing into a $172 billion sector today. The state’s geography and natural resources, transportation infrastructure, skilled labor force and environmental research capabilities attract the corporate headquarters of industry leaders like ExxonMobil and Occidental to BP’s largest employee base in the world. Public and private leaders in the state are pushing the possibilities within renewable energy, evidenced by the more than 55,600 highly skilled clean energy workers found in Texas.

Energy Employment Growth

The energy sector has long played a crucial role in Texas' economy by creating jobs and contributing to exports.

Notable Employers

From wind turbine manufacturers to the world’s largest oil companies, energy leaders base major operations in Texas.