April 16, 2022

How Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Reviving the Small Towns of Texas

The more populated cities of Texas offer many urban amenities that Millennials seek–hip restaurants and bars, a thriving music scene, entertainment, outdoor recreation, and a diversity of career opportunities. But the appeal of urban life has been tempered by skyrocketing real estate prices, overcrowding, and a generally higher cost of living.

Stagnating wages and rising housing costs have spurred many individuals to explore rural towns for places to settle and make their own way in the world. Those wishing to start small businesses in Texas have found a veritable land of opportunity–where one could live a comfortable life for less and bring their entrepreneurial dreams to fruition.

Millennial Entrepreneurs Find Quality of Life in Small Towns

While Millennials account for less than 25 percent of the U.S. population, they are currently the largest generation in the labor force (cite source). As one of the most studied generations in history, they are in their peak family and career-building years. They have shown that they value community and crave a sense of belonging and wholeness in their lives. Many have found that small towns offer the quality of life in Texas they couldn’t enjoy in larger metro areas. Housing and general living expenses are much lower, making it easier to start and grow a business –a coffee shop, a restaurant, craft brewery, or online company.

Once smaller towns like Alpine, Bryant, Lockhart, and Brenham have seen a revival with the influx of young professionals driven by Texas entrepreneurship. COVID-19 has also fueled this urban to small town migration in Texas–facilitating the rise of remote work. Business-savvy Millennials are also recreating many of the amenities offered in overcrowded urban hubs, while embracing the slower pace of small-town life.

Resources for Starting or Relocating Your Business in Texas

Whether opening a brick-and-mortar shop or an e-commerce venture in a major city or rural small town, Texas supports large and small business innovation on many fundamental levels. Ranked the best state for female entrepreneurs and the nation’s #1 state to start a business, Texas has a favorable environment for growing and relocating companies. Low tax burdens, economic stability, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a highly skilled workforce are among the primary advantages of doing business in Texas. This advantageous climate is why many market-leading companies have relocated their corporate headquarters from the west coast of the U.S., including Silicon Valley and from the east coast of the U.S., including the New York metropolitan area to the Lone Star State.

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