FinTech in Texas

A Haven for Financial Giants

Major financial institutions are choosing Texas over other markets for its competitive tax climate and skilled workforce.

Texas continues to grow its financial and technology sectors thanks to new projects and expansions across the state. In fact, finance and insurance establishments in Texas increased by 7,394 companies from 2010 to 2019, indicating a positive trend in this sector. Companies like Charles Schwab, JP Morgan and Fidelity Investments continue to expand their operations across Texas, and innovative new startups are creating a burgeoning technology ecosystem that will foster future growth and development. The state’s low tax burden and comprehensive incentives continue to draw companies in the financial sector to locate or expand here, and in 2019, Texas was the No. 2 state for the total number of finance and insurance companies located here.

Notable Employers

Some of the most iconic and influential companies in the financial and technology space choose to Go Big in Texas thanks to its many business advantages.

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