North America

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As two of Texas’ top export destinations, Canada and Mexico are important trade and investment partners for Texas. Texas’ central location in the United States and close proximity to Canada and Mexico allows Texas to efficiently trade with its neighboring North American countries.

Mexico continues to be Texas’ largest trading partner, accounting for nearly 35 percent of the state’s exports, followed by Canada, which accounts for more than 8 percent of Texas exports, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2018 alone, the two countries exported a combined value of $137.2 billion in goods to Texas and imported $127.2 billion in Texas commodities. Top commodities traded between Texas and its North American neighbors include mineral fuel, industrial machinery and aircraft parts. Texas utilizes its leading port districts, including Dallas-Fort Worth, El Paso and Houston, to handle this large volume of commodities.

In addition to this strong trade relationship, Canada and Mexico each have a strong foreign investment presence in Texas. Major North American company investments in Texas include Canada-based Enbridge and TD Securities, and Mexico-based Borden Milk Products, which has headquarters in Texas. Canada and Mexico also share industry strengths in manufacturing, energy and healthcare. In addition, Texas business travelers have access to its world-class airports, which provide direct flights to Canadian cities like Montreal and Toronto, as well as direct flights to more than two dozen cities in Mexico.

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