Economic Trade with Texas

  • Exports (2019): $ 322 million - Commodities include: Mineral Fuel, Oil; Organic Chemicals; Industrial Machinery; Iron, Steel; Cereals
  • Imports (2019): $ 370 million - Commodities include: Mineral Fuel, Oil; Organic Chemicals; Electric Machinery; Inorganic Chemicals; Paper, Paperboard
  • Texas Port Districts (active trade): Dallas-Fort Worth, El Paso, Houston, Laredo, Port Arthur 

Companies Operating in Texas

  • Example: PDVSA Service
  • Industries: Consumer Services, Petroeum Products
  • Foreign Direct Investment (cumulative, January 2011 - December 2019): 2 Projects, $867 million Capital Investment and 165 Jobs Created by 2 Companies

Quick Links - Sources of Information

Venezuela Consular Offices in Texas: Consul General, Houston

Sources: Census Bureau USDOC/International Trade Data, fDi Intelligence/Financial Times Ltd., Office of the Governor Economic Development & Tourism, Office of the Texas Secretary of State