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    Governor’s Small Business Forums are designed to provide Texas business owners, managers and entreprenuers with timely, relevant, actionable advice to assist them in establishing, operating, sustaining and growing their businesses. Each forum includes the Governor’s Small Business Awards to recognize outstanding businesses in Texas.

    Governor’s Small Business Service Provider Workshops build capacity among private and public sector small business service providers, like city and county governments, COGs, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, SBDCs, banks, and more. The workshops work to establish a network of small business service providers to create a mechanism for meaningful handoffs of small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs from one resource to another, assuring a continuum of services.

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    Topics usually include:

    • Workforce and Skills Development programs
    • Doing business with the relevant industries in your area
    • Export opportunities and logistics
    • Networking and business-to-business connections
    • Opportunities for Women-owned, minority-owned, disability-owned, and veteran-owned businesses
    • Providing contacts with federal, state, and local government agencies
    • Access to capital
    • Start-up essentials
    • Hiring and managing employees
    • Social media/marketing training
    • State of Texas Small Business Award