May 6, 2021

Texas’ natural beauty as diverse as the state itself

Texas’s natural beauty and quality of life are among the state’s draws for business decision-makers considering a move here. Travel and Tourism Week, May 2-8, is an opportune time to see what Texas has to offer. Take an online tour of Texas — with the occasional taste of its diverse economy and culture — by following these Instagram accounts and hashtags.

A huge state with 10 ecosystems

So, what landscape does your mind’s eye conjure when you think of Texas? Unless you’ve spent time in the state, your imagination might run to grassy plains with grazing Longhorns or a sunbaked desert dotted with cactus.

While both scenes are realistic, Texas’ diverse natural beauty encompasses so much more. Covering 266,807 square miles (second only to Alaska), the Lone Star State boasts 10 distinct ecosystems. These include everything from piney woods to wildflower-studded prairies, coastal marshes to spring-fed rivers, and three major mountain ranges.

All things Texas

So photogenic is our state that dozens of Instagram accounts are dedicated solely to sharing its beauty and grandeur via social media.

Three Texas-centric accounts in particular are a good place to start. They include the tourism arm of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism, the travel magazine Texas Highways, and an Instagram account that rounds up all-things-Texas.




Wild Texas

Want to immerse yourself in the state’s wild spaces and the animals and plants that inhabit them? Several Instagram accounts specifically feature the natural side of Texas.

Stunning wildlife photography posted in these feeds captures many of the hundreds of mammals and reptiles found across Texas’ mountains, forests and plains and in its rivers, bayous and coastal waters, from big horn sheep, mountain lions and beavers to alligators and sea turtles. And if you’re a birder, you might be surprised to learn that more than 600 bird species call the state home (at least some of the time). Ninety-eight percent of migratory bird species in North American have been identified here.

If you’re the outdoorsy type, you might enjoy photos of Texas’ more than 100 state and national parks, national forests, wildlife refuges as well and its national seashore. These will no doubt inspire you to camp, hike, kayak, swim, birdwatch, mountain bike, body surf, fish and more.

Follow these Instagram accounts to get a taste of Texas wild spaces and wildlife.








Texas Photographers 

You can dive deep into Texas’ most beautiful spots by following the feeds of these photographers whose works showcase the Lone Star State.





Texas Instagram hashtags

Follow a Texas-themed hashtag to drill down even further in your explorations. Here are a few to get you started.