December 22, 2020

TXEDC WEBSITE AMONG TOP 10 BEST ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT WEBSITES FOR 2021, the Texas Economic Development Corp.’s newly redesigned website, is one of the nation’s top 10 economic development sites, according to Golden Shovel Agency rankings announced this week.

“How do some regions rank #1 in what seems to be every category? The simple answer: a lot of hard work and consistency. Creating a strong brand and getting your message out there is more important than anything. This EDC lets corporate decision-makers and site selection consultants know that they can Go Big in Texas,” the Golden Shovel Agency said.

Each year, the Golden Shovel Agency team puts together a list of the best economic development websites backed by research, conferences and the latest trends. The Agency ranked among the Ten Best Economic Development Websites for 2021, which it announced on its website Dec. 18.

Other economic development websites on the list included the Bastrop (TX) Economic Development Corp., Greater Oklahoma City and Kansas Department of Commerce.

TxEDC launched its redesigned website in September 2020. The site has been optimized with new resources and tools for businesses looking to Go Big in Texas. New features include Texas regional economic dashboards, a news and resources page, regional interactive maps, TxEDC investor information and company success stories. From August to November 2020, the website attracted more than 300,000 unique page views.

Source: Golden Shovel Agency