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The Economic Development & Tourism (EDT) division of the Governor's Office helps domestic and international companies and their legal representatives achieve the best results from expansion and relocation in Texas. The first step is finding a physical location that accommodates your needs, including accessibility, workforce, market demographics and local culture. Experienced EDT location specialists can assess your company's requirements and guide you to a region or community that meets your needs. We will also connect you with local economic development offices to provide additional assistance with zoning, tax incentives, financing and other issues.

Site Search Options

  1. Explore: Use the Texas Site Search website to browse Texas' array of possibilities. Local economic development contacts are listed under Map Features, select Community Contacts, then click on the green community area you’re interested in.  Community profiles for Texas cities and counties are available, providing basic demographics and data on labor force, wages, housing, consumer spending, and more in reports which can be saved as PDF files and printed.
  2. Network: If you have a region, city or community in mind, EDT can refer you to the most appropriate economic development office.
  3. Get help: Request an EDT assisted site search.

If your company requires an EDT assisted site search, complete these steps:

  1. Fill out and submit the EDT online Site Location Requirements Form.
  2. An EDT representative will contact you to confirm the details and scope of the project.
  3. Location requirements will be transmitted to the designated economic developers within your targeted search area.
  4. Proposals from local economic developers will be submitted to the EDT office and then forwarded to your company representative.
  5. Based on company feedback from the site search proposals, the EDT office will work with you to gather any additional information needed from Texas communities.
  6. Once you have narrowed your search, the EDT office will facilitate communications and/or site visits with the selected communities.

Working together, we will develop specific parameters for your project. EDT will help you research applicable Incentives and provide you with appropriate Business Climate research. 

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