November 18, 2021

Texas economic development leaders meet with California businesses

SAN FRANCISCO — Business executives who met with Texas economic development leaders in California this week were eager to discuss the advantages of relocating to and expanding in the Lone Star State, said Robert Allen, President and CEO of the Texas Economic Development Corporation.

Allen, Adriana Cruz, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism, and representatives from the Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation, the City of Sugar Land, the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation, greater: SATX, the Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, and the Irving Economic Development Partnership traveled to San Francisco to meet with business executives from California companies interested in discussing their prospects in Texas.

“We’ve seen a wave of relocations to and expansions in Texas by California businesses like Toyota Motor North America and McKesson,” Allen said. “These CEOs will tell you the advantages of operating in Texas have allowed them to be more competitive because of our lower tax burden, a lower cost of doing business, our business-friendly climate and reasonable regulatory environment. This is what we shared with the business executives we met on this trip.”

Allen said the positive response he and other Texas economic development officials received from California business leaders “was exciting and gratifying. We’re proud to be able to offer a business climate in Texas that CEOs believe will allow them to grow and be successful. This group of Texas economic development professionals also demonstrated the big welcome and support Texas extends to new members of our business community.”

Cruz, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism, TxEDC’s partner in marketing Texas as a premier business location, said the message to California business executives emphasized the “unmatched competitive advantages” of doing business in the state.

“Texas is a talent magnet, and we continue to see a record number of companies expanding and relocating to the Lone Star State. In fact, more than 70 businesses have relocated to Texas just this year alone, and nearly half of those relocations are from California,” she said. “It was a pleasure to meet with business leaders in California and discuss the unmatched competitive advantages found in Texas — including lower operating costs, lower taxes, and reasonable regulations — allowing businesses of all kinds the freedom to prosper and grow.”

Texas economic development outreach is designed to encourage investment in the state and to provide relevant information about advantages of establishing business operations in Texas as well as Texas economic development incentives.

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