South Texas

Brownsville-Harlingen | Corpus Christi | Laredo | McAllen-Edinburg-Mission |
San Antonio-New Braunfels | Victoria

Flanked to the west by the Rio Grande and to the east by the Gulf of Mexico, Texas’ South region serves as a gateway to one of the most important economic corridors on the continent: the United States-Mexico border.

San Antonio, the seventh largest city in the nation, is the connecting thread from Central to South Texas through the Austin-San Antonio Corridor, a hotbed for talent and emerging businesses lauded by Forbes as “America's Next Great Metropolis.”

To the southeast is Victoria, often referred to as the “South Texas Crossroads” thanks to its location on the convergence of several major highways, not to mention its options for rail, waterway and air transport for raw materials, products, and people. Further down Texas’ eastern coast is Corpus Christi, which is home to the Port of Corpus Christi, the fifth-largest port in the country in total tonnage and the deepest inshore port on the Gulf of Mexico.

To the west, McAllen, located just across from Reynosa, provides access to a population of more than two million binational citizens within a 15-mile radius, as well as transportation infrastructure linking businesses and consumers to an array of highways and interstates in both countries. Laredo, located on the northern bank of the Rio Grande just across from Nuevo Laredo, and Brownsville, the southernmost tip of Texas, also are closely linked to the United States-Mexico border and, together with McAllen, offer four Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) to facilitate cross-border trade.